About the project


The project TreProX aims to create the foundation for an emerging small-scale, forest-based industry in Iceland and to enhance teaching methods and materials in the forest sector for participating countries. Key focus lays on the exchange and transfer of teaching materials, learning units, student and teacher exchanges and above all on the implementation of standards and certification schemes for quality assurance in the field of timber production.

 The Agricultural University of Iceland, in cooperation with the Icelandic Forest Service, the Innovation Centre Iceland, the Linnaeus University (Sweden) and University of Copenhagen (Denmark), received a grant from the Erasmus+ program to fund a strategic partnership project titled “Innovations in Training and Exchange of Standards for Wood Processing”, in short TreProX. The project is funded with 284.868 EUR and will be in process until the end of the year 2022. Soon after the project started the Icelandic Innovation Centre withdrew from the project and the company Tretækniradgjöf slf. became a member of the management group of the project instead.

Among the intellectual outputs of the project is the translation of a Swedish book on timber quality into Icelandic, the writing of a standard for alaskan poplar timber and the translation of a curriculum for forest farmers from Icelandic to English.