Workshop Iceland

Course material


Ólafur Eggertsson

Wood anatomy and properties

This slideshow is in English and deals with where trees come from and what they need for growth and maintenance, their characteristics and structure. It is about what wood really is, the structure of wood, annual rings, wood cells and wood fibers. Also about the properties and utilization of the wood.

Björn Källander

Introduction to small scale industrial wood drying

This slideshow is in English and covers the basic principle of wood drying. It defines measures of moisture content of wood, shrinking and swelling and various drying methods. It covers the main phases of the drying schedule. It also discusses different drying methods and tools for drying, their qualities and drawbacks.

Dan Johansson


This slideshow is in Swedish and is an extract from Dan’s book of the same name, which deals with quality forests. Here he explains what is important to be able to practice quality forestry and what the benefits are from practicing it.

Bent Jensen

Silviculture-Planting and Maintaining

This slideshow is in English and is about why we plant forests, where and for what purpose and tells how we can achieve the highest quality by deciding at the beginning
what we expect at the end.

Ólafur Eggertsson

Gæði alaskaaspar

This slideshow is in English and is a description of the origin of the Alaskan Poplar, its features and characteristics. Also the results of testing whether it could be used as a structural timber.

Ólafur Eggertsson

Forest history of Iceland

This slideshow slideshow is in English and Icelandic and starts with the formation of Iceland 30 million years ago, the flora and environment then and until present time.

Johan Vessby & Sigurður Ómarsson

Multistorey Buildings

This slideshow is in English and tells about what needs to be done when building multi-storey buildings from timber, e.g. with respect to earthquakes and/or storms.

Tomas Ivarsson

Timber Quality Sorting

This slideshow is in English and tells about what part of conifer the timber comes from and how to saw it and sort for different uses.
The slideshow is based on the new book Gæðafjalir Viðskiptaflokkun á timbri úr barrtrjám which is one of the main outputs of the TreProX project.

Eiríkur Þorsteinsson

Sögun og flokkun á timbri í göngubrú yfir Þjórsá

This is a slide show which shows the progress of the project Pedestrian bridge over the river Þjórsá in Iceland. From choosing the logs, how they were sawn and sorted for this project; the first Icelandic pedestrian bridge made entirely of wood.