Draft for Alaskan Poplar Standard

Iceland has on an International level little experiences in forestry. Nevertheless has Iceland gathered comprehensive experiences in poplar forestations. A project outcome will be a draft of a quality standard for Alaskan poplar in English. This will be an innovation and can be of great use for forest industries outside Iceland to learn from Iceland’s poplar experiences. Today there are no existing standards for poplar timber, neither on European level nor on any national level. The draft will follow the standard procedure when setting up new norms. Drafting these standards for poplar timber will include the consultation of different stakeholders in Iceland.

This draft for poplar standards can serve as an initial point when starting formal standardazation process at a later stage, be it in Iceland or even at the European level.

Ólafur Eggertsson at the Icelandic Forest Service and Eiríkur Þorsteinsson at Trétækniráðgjöf slf. will lead the work at this intellectual output. Eiríkur has gathered teaching experiences in relation with timber standards in various countries. He possesses deep knowledge of existing standards within the timber sector. He knows the technical vocabulary which is of great importance when working/translating standards since the exact meaning of each criteria has to be on a very exact level. Nevertheless will we consult a professional translating service who will proofread the documents and adapt where necessary. The work on this output will include as well the consultation of experts from Icelandic Standards (IST).