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Linnæus University

LNU presentation

This slideshow is in English and is an introduction to the university’s activities and purpose

Harald Säll

Sweden Forestry

This slideshow is in English and starts with the ice sheet covering a part of Sweden 14000 years ago, the first farmers 6000 years ago. How the land owners reformed in the Middle Ages and cultivation shifts.

Per Darell


This slideshow is in Swedish and is a reminder of how to respect and interact with the forest. It is a comparison of natural forest and production forest from a nature conservation perspective.

Andreas Arvidsson


This slideshow is in Swedish and points out that our role is also to convey and refine business-critical information between buyers and sellers of forest industrial raw materials, to streamline the administration between the parties and develop service services for the benefit of our members. Biometrics contributes to the fact that business can be carried out with high confidence on an accurate basis through impartial measurement and accounting.

Björn Källander


This slideshow is in Swedish and is about damage to wood caused by the drying process and how to reduce the damage. Measurement of moisture ratio, cracks and deformation-caused moisture ratio gradient and residual stresses. Drying quality and systematic improvement work.

Jonaz Nilsson

Verktyg slipmaterial

This slideshow is in Swedish and is a slidshow from the Linnæus Univeristy with very descriptive images. Definition of how saw blades are needed in different situations and how it pays to choose the right tools and how to maintain the tools.

Lars Blomqvist

Innovation in the Swedish carpentry-furniture and wood construction industry

This slideshow is in English and is about innovation within the Swedish carpentry, furniture and wood construction industry as the name suggests. The difference between research and innovation is explained. Assembly connections, laminated wood, glue, and modular systems are also mentioned.

Sigurður Ormarsson

Modern träbyggnadsteknik

This slideshow is in English and Swedish and focuses on Wood construction systems – how to use wood and its different alternatives on the one hand and modelling and testing of light-frame timber modules on the other.


The TreProX workshop in Sweden – May 2022

Forest Legislations in Sweden

Cross laminated timber

JGA – industrial sawmill

Forest Quality

History of Forestry

Forestry and Biodiversity

Wood-Mizer LT20

Grading logs

Recreation Forest

Forestry and Carbon Sequestration

The forest farmer


Biometria; Svenska Regler för virkesmätning. (Swedish Regulations for Timber Measurement)

Biometria; Svenska Regler för virkesmätning. (Swedish Regulations for Timber Measurement)

Travmätning (Measurement of roundwood Stacks)

Timmerklassning av stockar 1/2 (Timber grading of roundwood)

Timmerklassning af stockar 2/2 (Timber grading of roundwood)

Timmerklassning och sågning av röta (Timber grading and sawing of decayed wood)

Timmerklassning och sågning av timmer med utbytesförlust (Timber grading and sawing of curved logs)

Timmerklassning och sågning av övriga fel (Timber classification and sawing of other defects)