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Bent Jensen


This slideshow is in Danish and is about portable sawmills. The book the slideshow is based on, has been developed to be used for instruction in the operation of portable sawmills and covers types of sawmills, selection of trees for processing, sawing methods, and storage and drying of the sawn timber.

Eiríkur Þorsteinsson

Certification Waranty & Standards

This slideshow is in English and traces the beginning of forestry and timber processing/use in Iceland. It also covers the history of timber classification in Iceland and how timber is valued. Swan certification and CE marking of timber are also discussed.

Ólafur Eggertsson

Poplar standards

This slideshow is in English and is about the need for new standard for Alaskan poplar, as well as regulations on how timber is classified for strength. Also about how poplar has been used in Iceland and about whether it will be possible to use it in construction.

Bent Jensen

Open air drying timber

This slideshow is in English and is about open air drying and why it is important to dry wood in order to make the most of it in all types of woodworking. Emphasis is placed on how the wood is stacked, what is to be avoided and why.


The TreProX workshop in Denmark – September 2022 – the complete video

Log sawing techniques

Slabbing log with chainsaw

Good workplace manners

Hunting and Forestry

Log houses preparations

Saw blade folded

Wood-Mizer sawmill

Wood-Mizer Operator

Forest Management – Lövenholm Forest

Sören Möller´s sawmill

Poplar plantation – Pelle´s Poplars

Tiny houses and boat building

Small-scale sawmills

The Flying Carpenters

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