Workshop Iceland course material

In April 2020 the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) will prepare a 7 day workshop in Hveragerði for 10 Icelandic, 6 Swedish and 6 Danish students. In addition will as well participate the teachers and specialists from Linnaeus University (LNU), University of Copenhagen-Skovskolen (UCPH), Trétækniráðgjöf slf. and Icelandic Forest Service (IFS). This course will include classroom lessons, excursions, practical exercises.

Focus will be laid on the status of Wood Processing in Iceland. The workshop programme will include an overview over the forest situation in Iceland today and the existing infrastructure for wood processing. The workshop will sum up experiences from the course series Green Forest but will take as well a look into the near future. Different excursions and practical exercises will ensure the practical relevance of the workshop.

The workshop results will enable the students to take home lessons from Icelandic experiences and gives them valuable input for their own work-related challenges in their home countries.
The output will be a print out and an online version of the workshop curriculum that includes teaching materials, relevant literature references, video tutorials when applicable.

The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) will compile a adequate workshop programme as agreed with the project partners. Detailed requirements will be discussed and approved at the first project managment meeting. The work in order to produce this outcome will include to examine existing teachings units and modules within AUI course catalogue, update them, transfer them to the new formate, if necessary translate to English. If necessary will AUI design new and innovative elements as teaching materials for this specific workshop. Excursions have to be planned and scheduled. AUI will be responsible for the outcome and will require if necessary contributions from partner organizations.