Curriculum for Green Forest course series 1 – 2 in English

The Green Forest course series was designed specifically for forest farmers in Iceland. The first group of farmers graduated in 2004 and in all about 400 farmers have finished the course series since then.

This kind of a program for forest farmers is unique to Iceland and the farmers who have gone through the program have shown significantly better results in their forestry than farmers that have not been in the program. Therefore this methodology is very interesting for other partners and an innovative way of educating forest farmers.

The curriculum will be translated into English to ensure it´s transferability to other countries that might be interested in similar projects. It is expected that the Danish and Swedish partners will use the Green Forest methodology to start such course series in their respective countries, with positive results for their forestry programs.

AUI in cooperation with IFS will convert the excisting curriculum of Green Forests into English. At the same time will be a revision of the curriculum to ensure that it is adapted to international requirements.