TreProX workshops are designed to give practical experiences to the students. The motto is always to learn from the practitioners. Today was a field trip day to meet various experts.

The students visited this morning the forests around Eldrupgård and the Løvenholm Foundation. Ulrich Hansen from Skoveskolen gave an introdocution to silviculture and forest management methods. This forest in the immediate surrounding of the school is used for shorter forestry-related courses and as well for the training of forest and nature technicians.

In the afternoon, there was an interesting field trip around Djursland to visit small scale sawmills. First stop was the Sören Möller sawmill. This local enterprise manages 300 ha of Forest, mainly douglas fir, larch and oak. The students had the opportunity to discuss directly with the owner and follow the sawing and production and drying process. This little enterprise specialized in pre-manufactured wooden elements and as well in fire wood.

The next stop was the family owned company The Flying Carpenters. Casper, a carpenter himself, welcomed the group and gave insight in the versatile company he is building up. The family runs a carpentry workshop, offer their carpentry services for remote Danish islands via a little plane and grow the company into a sawmill at the same time. The new production hall for is still under construction, but he could present his new WoodMizer sawmill and demonstrated to the students some sawing of fir trunks. It was absolutely inspiring to listen to Kasper´s story and the innovative approach he has chosen for his company.