The day started off with a lecture of Dr Ólafur Eggertsson from the Icelandic Forest Service. He gave insight into his work with preparing Icelandic standards for Alaskan poplar. Various indicators have to be checked in order to fulfill the relevant standard criteria. During his research Ólafur Eggertsson could confirm existing data that poplar possesses sufficient strength to be used as a certified building material. In Iceland, first examples exist where complete houses have been made from poplar timber. The preparation of these poplar standards are partly conducted with the TreProX partner university in Växjö.

The students continued their workshops in the shed. Two guest from the saw mill manufacturer Wood Mizer joined the group and gave very hands-on instructions for practical issues regarding the professional use and maintenance of saw mills.

They further on received instructions of how to exactly work the notches when preparing and setting up a log house.

The last session of the day was field trip to the surrounding forest of Lovenholm where the students could follow a harvester in full operation.